Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric Peering Policy

Hurricane Electric is willing to peer with networks which are connected to one or more exchange points which we have in common. If you require a more formal agreement, contact us and we will make arrangements. We will announce to you via BGP4 any routes which we carry and will listen to any routes that you carry. Our peering policy is simple, if you peer with Hurricane, we expect the following:

Native IPv6 peering is available at all Hurricane Electric core router locations. If you have your own AS and IPv6 address space and need a tunnel to establish IPv6 connectivity send email to


Hurricane Electric Exchange Point Information

Hurricane Electric (AS6939) Peering Information:

Contact Address:
        Hurricane Electric
        760 Mission Ct
        Fremont, CA 94538


        Phone:          +1 510-580-4100
        Fax:            +1 510-580-4151

IRR Information:
        ASN:            AS6939

Suggested Max Prefix Limits:
        IPv4:           195000
        IPv6:           85000

Exchange Point Connections:

North America

ST Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
AL MGMix                2x10GE   2001:504:59::30
AZ Phoenix IX           4x10GE   2001:504:3b::14
AZ DRT Phoenix          10GE   2001:478:186::20
CA AMS-IX BA            2x10GE   2001:504:3d:1:0:a500:6939:1
CA Any2 Los Angeles     2x100GE  2001:504:13::210:122
CA Any2 San Jose        10GE    2001:504:13:3::21
CA Equinix Los Angeles  100GE  2001:504:0:3::6939:1
CA Equinix Palo Alto    100GE   2001:504:d::10
CA Equinix San Jose     100GE  2001:504:0:1::6939:1
CA FCIX                 10GE    2001:504:91::9
CA NYIIX Los Angeles    10GE   2001:504:a::a500:6939:1
CA MegaIX Los Angeles   10GE   2606:a980:0:5::f 
CA NASA-AIX             GE   2001:478:6663:200::44
CA SFMIX                2x10GE  2001:504:30::ba00:6939:1
CO Any2 Denver          2x10GE    2605:6c00:303:303::69
CO IX-Denver            2x10GE   2001:504:58::19
FL FL-IX                100GE   2001:504:40:108::1:23
FL JXIX                 10GE    2001:504:95::25
FL Equinix Miami        100GE  2001:504:0:6::6939:1
FL TPAIX                2x10GE  2001:504:3c::22
GA Equinix Atlanta      100GE   2001:504:10::6939:1 
GA SNAP                 10GE  2001:504:28::9
GA DRT Atlanta          100GE   2001:478:132::75
HI DRF-IX               10GE  2606:7c80:3375:50::49
IL AMS-IX Chicago       100GE  2001:504:38:1:0:a500:6939:1
IL Any2 Chicago         10GE    2001:504:13:4::13
IL ChIX                 40GE   2001:504:41:110::28
IL Equinix Chicago      3x100GE  2001:504:0:4::6939:1
IN MidWest-IX Indy      10GE   2001:504:45:f3e8::1f
MA Boston IX            3x10GE  2001:504:24:1::1b1b:1
MA Mass IX              10GE    2001:504:47::1b1b:0:1
ME NNENIX               2x10GE  2001:504:76:1020::65
MI DET-IX               10GE   2607:f790:100::27
MN MICE                 10GE  2001:504:27::1b1b:0:1
MO KCIX                 2x10GE      2001:504:1b:1::5
MO MidWest-IX STL       10GE     2001:504:45:10::5 
MO STLIX                10GE     2001:504:98::5 
NE OmahaIX              10GE  2001:504:33::14 
NV TahoeIX              10GE   2001:504:3f::1b1b 
NY Any2 New York        10GE     2001:504:13:6::4
NY BigAPE               10GE   2001:458:26:2::500
NY DE-CIX New York      4x10GE    2001:504:36::1b1b:0:1
NY Equinix New York     100GE   2001:504:f::39
NY NYIIX                100GE   2001:504:1::a500:6939:1
NY DRT New York         100GE  2001:504:17:115::17
OH OhioIX               2x10GE   2001:504:64:100::19
OK iX-OKC               2x10GE    2001:504:92::7
OR NWAX                 2x10GE   2620:124:2000::42
PA NYIIX Philadelphia   10GE    2001:504:1:9:0:a500:6939:1 
PA PhillyIX             10GE    2001:504:90::6 
TN NashIX               10GE   2607:f778:1:fe00::4
TX DE-CIX Dallas        100GE    2001:504:61::1b1b:0:1 
TX Equinix Dallas       2x100GE  2001:504:0:5::6939:1
TX MegaIX Dallas        10GE   2606:a980:0:7::e 
UT SLIX                 10GE  2607:fa18:1:f00::15
VA Any2 Reston          10GE    2001:504:13:1::40
VA Equinix Ashburn      2x100GE  2001:504:0:2::6939:1
VA LINX NoVA            10GE   2001:504:31::1b1b:1
VA RVA-IX               10GE   2001:504:44::6939:1 
VA MegaIX Ashburn       10GE   2606:a980:0:3::f 
WA Equinix Seattle      3x10GE   2001:504:12::6939:1
WA MegaIX Seattle       10GE   2606:a980:0:4::b
WA SIX                  100GE    2001:504:16::1b1b
WA SIX 9000             100GE    2001:504:16:1::1b1b
WI MADIX                10GE  2607:f388:0:2200::b
   Equinix Toronto      10GE   2001:504:d:80::6939:1
   HFXIX                10GE   2001:504:37:10::240 
   MBIX                 10GE   2001:504:26::6939:1
   MegaIX Toronto       10GE    2606:a980:0:8::6
   MonctonIX            10GE    2001:504:73:cafe::70
   PIX Vancouver        2x10GE  2001:504:19::27
   QIX Montreal         4x10GE    2001:504:2d::18:5
   TORIX                100GE  2001:504:1a::34:112
   UNMETERED.Exchange   10GE     2602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:6
   VANIX                2x10GE   2001:504:39::27
   WPGIX                10GE  2001:504:2c::20
   YEGIX                10GE  2001:504:46::6939:1
   YYCIX                10GE  2001:504:2f::6939:1
   YXEIX                10GE    2001:504:69:8000::400
South America

CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
BR Equinix Sao Paulo    10GE   2001:478:122::4c 
BR PTT Sao Paulo        100GE  2001:12f8::221:197
CO Equinix Bogota       10GE  2001:504:0:10::6939:1

CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
AT VIX                  3x10GE   2001:7f8:30:0:2:1:0:6939
BE BNIX                 2x10GE   2001:7f8:26::a500:6939:1
BG B-IX Balkans         10GE  2001:7f8:8e::31
BG BIX.BG               2x10GE  2001:7f8:58::1b1b:0:1
BG NetIX                10GE    2001:67c:29f0::6939:1
BG MegaIX Sofia         10GE   2001:7f8:9f::a:6939:1
BG T-CIX Bulgaria       10GE     2001:7f8:98::26
CH CIXP                 10GE  2001:7f8:1c:24a::1b1b:1 
CH Equinix Zurich       10GE    2001:7f8:c:8235:194:42:48:80
CH SwissIX              10GE   2001:7f8:24::aa
CZ NIX.CZ               2x10GE   2001:7f8:14::6e:1
CZ           100GE  2001:7f8:7f::118
DE BCIX                 10GE  2001:7f8:19:1::1b1b:1
DE BREM-IX Hamburg      10GE     2001:7f8:92::6939:0:1
DE DE-CIX Dusseldorf    10GE     2001:7f8:9e::1b1b:0:1
DE DE-CIX Frankfurt     2x100GE   2001:7f8::1b1b:0:1
DE DE-CIX Hamburg       10GE    2001:7f8:3d::1b1b:0:1
DE DE-CIX Munich        10GE    2001:7f8:44::1b1b:0:1
DE ECIX Berlin          10GE    2001:7f8:8:5:0:1b1b:0:1
DE ECIX Dusseldorf      10GE  2001:7f8:8::1b1b:0:1
DE ECIX Frankfurt       10GE    2001:7f8:8:20:0:1b1b:0:1
DE ECIX Hamburg         10GE   2001:7f8:8:10:0:1b1b:0:1
DE ECIX Munich          10GE   2001:7f8:2c:1000:0:1b1b:0:1
DE Equinix Frankfurt    2x10GE    2001:7f8:bd::6939:1 
DE GE-CIX               10GE     2a06:2340:94::22
DE KleyReX              10GE  2001:7f8:33::a100:6939:1
DK Netnod Copenhagen B  10GE 2001:7f8:d:202::187
DK Netnod Copenhagen G  10GE 2001:7f8:d:203::187 
DK DIX                  10GE     2001:7f8:1f::6939:38:0
EE PITER-IX Tallinn     10GE 
EE RTIX                 10GE   2001:7f8:50:1:0:1b1b:0:35
EE TLLIX                GE  2001:7f8:39:1:0:1b1b::62
ES CATNIX               10GE  2001:7f8:2a:0:2:1:0:6939
ES DE-CIX Madrid        10GE     2001:7f8:a0::1b1b:0:1 
ES Equinix Barcelona    2x10GE    2001:7f8:de::6939:1
ES ESPANIX Lower        10GE   2001:7f8:f::61
ES ESPANIX Upper        10GE  2001:7f8:f:1::61
FI Equinix Helsinki     2x10GE     2001:7f8:af::6939:1 
FI FICIX                10GE  2001:7f8:7:b::6939:1
FR DE-CIX Marseille     10GE      2001:7f8:36::1b1b:0:1
FR Equinix Paris        3x10GE  2001:7f8:43::6939:1
FR France-IX Paris      2x10GE    2001:7f8:54::10
FR France-IX Marseille  10GE    2001:7f8:54:5::13
GR GR-IX Athens         10GE   2001:7f8:6e::47 
HR CIX                  10GE     2001:7f8:28::38:0
HU BIX Budapest         10GE 2001:7f8:35::6939:1
IE Equinix Dublin       2x10GE    2001:7f8:c3::6939:3 
IE INEX                 10GE     2001:7f8:18::69
IT Equinix Milan        2x10GE    2001:7f8:c0::6939:1
IT MINAP Milan          10GE    2001:7f8:c5::a500:6939:1
IT MIX                  2x10GE   2001:7f8:b:100:1d1:a5d0:6939:125
IT NaMeX                10GE   2001:7f8:10::6939
IT TOP-IX               10GE   2001:7F8:23:FFFF::87
IT VSIX                 10GE   2001:7f8:5f:ffff::53
LT BALT-IX              10GE   2001:1ab8:8486::25
LT LITIX                10GE    2001:7f8:c4::6939:1
LT LIXP Vilnius         10GE     2001:7f8:b4:4b:5295:1b1b:0:1
LU LU-CIX               10GE   2001:7f8:4c::1b1b:1
LV SMILE-LV             10GE  2001:7f8:16::6939:1
NL AMS-IX               2x100GE  2001:7f8:1::a500:6939:1
NL Asteroid Amsterdam   100GE     2001:7f8:b6::1b1b:1
NL DF-IX                10GE     2001:7f8:8f::a500:6939:1
NL Equinix Amsterdam    2x10GE    2001:7f8:83::6939:1 
NL NL-IX                100GE  2001:7f8:13::a500:6939:1
NL SPEED-IX             4x10GE      2001:7f8:b7::a500:6939:1
NO FIXO                 10GE   2001:7f8:41:0:1:69:39:1 
NO NIX Oslo             10GE     2001:7f8:12:1::6939 
PL EPIX Katowice        10GE   2001:7f8:5b::295
PL EPIX Warsaw          10GE    2001:678:3ac::189
PL IX.LODZ.PL           10GE
PL POZIX Poznan         10GE      2001:7f8:4b::40
PL PLIX                 3x10GE 2001:7f8:42::a500:6939:1
PL THINX                10GE     2001:7f8:60::13:6
PL TPIX Warsaw          10GE 2001:7f8:27::6939:1
PT DE-CIX Lisbon        2x10GE     2001:7f8:d5::1b1b:0:1 
PT Equinix Lisbon       2x10GE    2001:7f8:c7::6939:1 
PT GigaPix              10GE  2001:7f8:a:1::25
RO Balcan-IX            10GE    2a02:d10:80::16
RO InterLAN             2x10GE   2001:7f8:64:225::6939:1
RO RoNIX                10GE    2001:7f8:49::90
RU DataIX               100GE  2a03:5f80:4::224:229
RU Global-IX            100GE 2001:b28:3ff::1b1b:0:1
RU MSK-IX Moscow        2x100GE  2001:7f8:20:101::210:40 
RU PITER-IX             10GE 
RU PITER-IX MSK         10GE  
RS SOX Serbia           10GE     2001:7f8:1e::63
SE Equinix Stockholm    2x10GE    2001:7f8:c1::6939:1 
SE Netnod Stockholm A   3x10GE  2001:7f8:d:ff::187
SE Netnod Stockholm B   3x10GE  2001:7f8:d:fe::187
SE Netnod Stock.A 4470  3x10GE 2001:7f8:d:fc::187
SE Netnod Stock.B 4470  3x10GE  2001:7f8:d:fb::187
SE STHIX                10GE  2001:7f8:3e::a500:0:6939:1
SE SOLIX                10GE  2001:7f8:21:9::101
SE SOLIX 4470           10GE  2001:7f8:21:10::101
SK NIX.SK               10GE  2001:7f8:91::31:1
SK SIX.SK               10GE 2001:7f8:2f::115
UA CLOUD-IX Kiev        2x10GE     2a00:13c0:3:3::1f1c:1045
UA DTEL-IX              2x10GE   2001:7f8:63::60 
UA GigaNET              2x10GE    2001:7f8:6c::230
UA UA-IX                10GE    2001:7f8:5d::207 
UK Equinix London       2x10GE    2001:7f8:be::6939:1 
UK Equinix Manchester   2x10GE    2001:7f8:bc::6939:1
UK IXManchester         10GE    2001:7f8:4:2::1b1b:1 
UK IX Leeds             10GE   2001:7f8:67::1b1b:1 
UK LINX                 100GE   2001:7f8:4:0::1b1b:1
UK LINX Scotland        10GE   2001:7f8:4:3::1b1b:1 
UK LoNAP                2x10GE     2001:7f8:17::1b1b:1


CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
DJ DjIX                 10GE  2001:43f8:9c1:1::206 
KE KIXP Nairobi         10GE   2001:43f8:60:1::74
KE KIXP Mombasa         10GE    2001:43f8:c0:1::28 
ZA CINX                 10GE  2001:43f8:1f1::108
ZA DINX                 10GE  2001:43f8:1f2::108 
ZA NAPAfrica Cape Town  2x10GE  2001:43f8:6d1::165
ZA NAPAfrica Durban     2x10GE   2001:43f8:6d2::42 
ZA NAPAfrica Johannesburg 2x10GE     2001:43f8:6d0::42                                
ZA JINX                 10GE  2001:43f8:1f0::108 

CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
HK AMS-IX Hong Kong     10GE   2001:df0:296::a500:6939:1
HK BBIX Hong Kong       2x10GE  2403:c780:b800:bb00::6939:2
HK Equinix Hong Kong    100GE     2001:de8:7::6939:1
HK HKIX                 100GE  2001:7fa:0:1::ca28:a19e
HK IAIX                 GE  2403:2400:1100::40
JP BBIX Osaka           10GE    2001:de8:c:2::6939:1
JP BBIX Tokyo           100GE    2001:de8:c::6939:1
JP Equinix Osaka        10GE  2001:de8:5:1::6939:1
JP Equinix Tokyo        100GE  2001:de8:5::6939:1
JP JPIX Osaka           10GE  2001:de8:8:6::6939:1
JP JPIX Tokyo           4x10GE  2001:de8:8::6939:1
JP JPNAP Osaka          10GE  2001:7fa:7:2::6939:1
JP JPNAP Tokyo          2x10GE 2001:7fa:7:1::6939:1
KR KINX                 10GE  2001:7fa:8::34
MY JBIX                 2x10GE  2403:4ac0::63
PH PhOpenIX-Manila      10GE  2001:478:172::141 
SG BBIX Singapore       2x10GE  2001:df5:b800:bb00::6939:1
SG Equinix Singapore    2x100GE   2001:de8:4::6939:1
SG Megaport Singapore   10GE     2001:ded::9
SG SGIX                 2x10GE   2001:de8:12:100::81
SG SOX Singapore        10GE  2001:de8:d::6939:1
TW TPIX-TW Taipei       10GE  2406:d400:1:133:203:163:222:43

Middle East

CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
AE UAE-IX               10GE      2001:7f8:73::1b1b:0:1


CC Exchange             Speed   IPv4            IPv6
-- -------------------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
AU Equinix Melbourne    10GE   2001:de8:6:1::6939:1
AU Equinix Sydney       10GE   2001:de8:6::6939:1
AU NSW-IX Sydney       10GE  2001:7fa:11:4:0:1b1b:0:1
AU VIC-IX Melbourne    10GE  2001:7fa:11:1:0:1b1b:0:1
AU MegaIX Melbourne     10GE   2001:dea:0:30::7a
AU MegaIX Sydney        10GE   2001:dea:0:10::ec
NZ APE                  10GE 2001:7fa:4:c0cb::9ac5 
NZ AKL-IX               10GE    2001:7fa:11:6:0:1b1b:0:1 
NZ MegaIX Auckland      10GE    2001:dea:0:40::52 

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